LYB plays in the Coulee Region Sports League and follows CRSL rules:

Player’s age on April 30th determines their age for the season

Field Dimensions:
9U & 10U: 60 ft base paths, 46 ft pitching rubber, No live baseball/leading off
11U & 12U Lower: 65 ft base paths, 50 ft pitching rubber, No live baseball/leading off
12U Upper: 75 ft base paths, 50 ft pitching rubber, Live baseball/leading off
13U & 14U Lower: 80 ft base paths, 55 ft pitching rubber, Live baseball/leading off
14U Upper: 90 ft base paths, 60’6” pitching rubber, Live baseball/leading off

Game Length & Time Limits:
Games consist of 6 innings or an 85 minute time limit.
Mercy Rule: 10 run rule is in effect after 4 innings. 15 run rule is in effect after 3 innings.
All games have an 85 minute time limit. A new inning can not be started after 85 minutes has expired. This is determined by the last out made in the previous inning.
5:30 games must be suspended at 7:05. If this happens the final score is determined by the score of the last full inning.
7:00 game may be suspended early due to darkness or to allow the start of the 8:30 game.
Home team’s scorebook is the official book.
14U Upper Only: Games consist of 7 innings. 2 hour time limit.

Batting Order & Defensive Substitutions:
9U & 10U teams must bat the entire roster and may have 10 players in the field (4 outfielders).
11U-12U-13U-14U teams may bat entire roster.
Free substitution is allowed when everyone is in the batting order. Late arrivals are placed at the end of the battering order.
11U-12U-13U-14U: E/H Rule is optional for teams if entire roster is not in the batting order. The E/H Rule allows 10 players in the batting order and free substitutions on defense using the 10 players in the batting order.

Bat Size:
9U & 10U DIVISION (2 1/4” barrel diameter only)
· Have the new permanent USSSA mark on its taper OR
· Be a Wood Bat
11U, 12U, 13U & 14U DIVISION (2 5/8” barrel diameter)
· Have the new permanent USSSA mark on its taper OR
· Be a Qualified BBCOR Bat OR
· Be a Wood Bat

Special Run Limit & Walk Limit Batting Rule for 9U & 10U:
9U & 10U: 8 RUN LIMIT PER INNING-teams are only allowed to score 8 runs per inning for the first 3 innings, no matter what.
9U Only: “WALK LIMIT RULE” (the defensive team can choose not to use this rule)
After 3 walks per inning (not consecutive) the “Walk Limit Rule” will take affect.
a. Once there are 4 balls on the batter, the hitting teams coach will come out and pitch.
b. The strike count started by the pitcher continues until the batters strikes out or hits the ball in play.
c. The coach must pitch from the mound.
d. No bunting when coaches are pitching.

Slash bunting (fake bunt, swing away) is not allowed in all divisions. A player doing so will be called out and ejected from the game.

Dropped 3rd Strike:
9U & 10U: A Batter may not run on a dropped third strike.
11U-12U-13U-14U: A batter may run on a dropped third strike.

Infield Fly Rule:
9U & 10U: Does not apply.
11U-12U-13U-14U: The Infield Fly Rule will be in effect.

Courtesy Runner:
A courtesy runner may be used at any time for the pitcher or catcher. A courtesy runner must be used for the catcher with 2 outs.

9U & 10U: Can’t steal until there is one strike on the batter and until the ball crosses the plate. The runner will be called out for leaving early and the pitch will not be allowed. No delayed steal of any kind is allowed.
9U & 10Lower Only: No runner can advance on over-throws back to the pitcher. After one strike, a runner can steal only one base at a time unless a play is made on the runner. Runners starting at 3rd base can only score if walked in, batted in or there is a play made on them.
11U & 12U Lower: Can’t steal until the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand. The runner will be called out for leaving early and the pitch will not be allowed.
12U Upper-13U-14U: Leading off is allowed (Live Baseball).

ALL DIVISIONS: Base runners can’t steal or advance a base unless batted around after leading by 10 or more runs (runners will be called “out” if this rule is violated)

Slide Rule:
There is no mandatory slide rule. However, players must slide to avoid contact. Failure to do so will result in an automatic out.  Malicious contact will automatically result in ejection from the game.

9U & 10U: Pitchers may not exceed 3 innings per game and 5 innings per week.
11U & 12U: Pitchers may not exceed 4 innings per game and 6 innings per week.
13U & 14U: Pitchers may not exceed 5 innings per game and 7 innings per week.
One pitch in any inning constitutes an inning of pitching.
Once a pitcher is removed from the pitching position he can not return to the pitching position.
Pitchers are allowed 5 warm-up pitches each inning or until batter is ready.
A player who has played the position of catcher in 4 or more innings in a game, is not eligible to pitch in that game.

Balks will be called in 12U Upper, 13U, & 14U. Each pitcher will receive one balk warning per inning.

No metal spikes are allowed in 9U, 10U, 11U & 12U.
Metal spikes are allowed in 13U & 14U.

Helmets must be worn at all times by any offensive player on the playing field for any reason. Players can not coach the bases.  Bat boys must wear helmets.  Catchers must use a face mask w/ throat protector.  Jewelry is prohibited.
Blood/Bleeding: Umpires will determine if a player needs to leave the game. A player not playing will replace them until the  condition is resolved and their uniform is clean.

Defensive & Offensive Conferences:
Each team is allowed 3 defensive conferences per game (after the 3rd, a change must be made each time) and one offensive conference per inning.